Urban Decay

For Christmas I had the holy grail of Urban Decay in a beautiful purple gift box. My Mum took a trip to the local shopping centre, went in to Debenhams and spent the best part of an hour filling a gift box for me with a very helpful shop assistant that give me loads of … More Urban Decay

Beauty Outlet

Most weeks (if i’m not working) me and one of my oldest and best friends Ashlee have a day where we basically spend money we haven’t usually got. Today we went to Freeport Shopping Centre. For those who aren’t from Stoke, Freeport is basically a small shopping centre full of outlets, this means everything in … More Beauty Outlet

Vinyl Collection

Christmas 2014 i was blessed with the gift i’d been asking for, for a good 2 years. A record player. My Mum and Dad chose a beautiful, shiny, red GPO 4-in-1 player from ‘the music store‘ in Hanley’s Potteries Centre. The turntable is underneath the lift-able top, then on the front there is a CD … More Vinyl Collection