DIY Lip Scrub

Every winter my lips get extremely dry, cracked and sore, Recently I’ve been getting ill quite a lot so that is not helping me out either. I carry lip balm on me all the time, I drink loads of water and i use Vaseline every night, but they’re still dry! (i suppose wearing matte lipstick pretty much everyday doesn’t help).

The reason for this post is because i went to Newlook the other day to buy some new shoe’s and ended up buying some of their beauty products, they were on offer 3 for 2 so i had to didn’t i?. I was preparing a blog post about what i got for you and tried to take a picture of my lips with the new lipstick on and it looked gross. My lips at the moment are extremely dry and the lipstick is matte so very unforgiving when you have bits of skin hanging off your lips,

I considered buying one of the lip scrubs from Lush but i tried one my friend had before and i thought it tasted horrible, it think it might have been the popcorn flavour. But i thought why risk wasting £5.50 and the effort of leaving the house when i could make one myself with things i already have in the cupboard, so i jumped on Pintrest and found an easy 3 ingredient DIY lip scrub

All you’ll need is sugar, honey and some sort of oil, the recipes all said olive oil or coconut oil but i didn’t have these so i used sunflower oil and it worked nicely.

i put 2 generous teaspoons of sugar in a small bowl, then a teaspoon of oil and then a generous teaspoon of honey, mix it together and it’s done. i rubbed in on my lips for about 15 seconds then licked it off, deffo give it a try it’s amazing!

Tash xx


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