Revolution Ultra Blush Palette

For my birthday the same friend that bought me the Oval Brush set bought me this palette and it’s dreamy.

Firstly one of the things i love most about Revolution’s products is their packaging. I love how simple it is with just the plain black and the gold writing, i think this gives quite an inexpensive product a luxurious feel.

This palette is on Tambeauty for £6.00 and considering you have 8 colours in the palette and quite big pans, it’s an absolute bargain. Tambeauty is where i buy all my Revolution makeup because they have the best prices.

This palette is called ‘Golden Sugar’ but the individual colours don’t have names so we’ll number them and i’ll talk about the top row from left to right then the bottom one left to right.


  1. This colour is the whitest and brightest highlighter i own and it’s perfect for highlighting your brow bone, inner corners and cupids bow. If i’m feeling extra (basically everyday of my life i have to be extra in someway) i use this to highlight my cheeks too.
  2. As I’ve said in past posts i’m not really a pink kind of gal, but this is a really pretty colour and i can appreciate that. I’m quite scared of using pink blusher and i always have been purely because i just don’t think pink makeup suits my skin tone, and to put it bluntly, makes me feel like a drag queen.
  3. This is still pink, yes it’s a darker pink, but it seems to be even more pink than the lighter one. I have used this one though, on my lower lash line and the middle of my lids. I like to use this when i’m doing a really dark eye shadow look, even though it’s only under my lower lashes it seems to brighten up my whole face.
  4. This one is my favourite! look at it!, it’s such a nice colour and so shimmery but not too cray. This is perfect to highlight your nose with because the brown tones in it really compliment any contour you’ve used on your nose, I don’t really like using crazy bright highlighters for my nose and this is perfect.


  1. There isn’t much shimmer in this colour so i like to use it as a base colour for my eyes or if i just don’t want naked eyelids when i just have eyeliner on i use this all over my lid.
  2. and 3 i use for the same thing so i might as well do them together, i use these as eye shadows. I wish i could use them as highlighters because they are so shimmery and absolutely stunning but unfortunately i am white.
  3. See above
  4. This is more a bronzer. there’s not too much pigment, so you can use it as really subtle contour or just to give your face an extra bit of colour.

I would 10/10 recommend this palette, i’m fussy with colours and i can find a use for 7 out of 8 of the pans, for £6.00 you should just add it to your collection. Treat yo’ self

Tash xx


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