Unicorn Brushes

This Christmas was one of the best I’ve had, it’s on par with when i was like 12 and my mum and dad hid an electric guitar in the kitchen, let me open all my presents then dragged it in the living room to me, you can imagine my excitement.

The Unicorn Brushes were the last thing i opened and i nearly died. they come in a pink and purple box. Inside the box there’s shredded purple, green and pink paper, the amazing diamond bag with the brushes in and a card with a ‘101 guide to getting the most out of your new brushes’ and ‘unicorn tips’. I don’t think i have to try and justify why they’re the best looking brushes i’ve ever seen and owned, just look at them! Their multicoloured bristles are the softest i’ve ever felt and so far there has been no moulting. Below i’m going to tell you what they recommend and what i actually use them for.


Blending Is My Cardio – ‘Creating Ombre effect eyes and transitions of colour seamlessly with a curved bristles head to into the contours of the eyelid’ I use this brush for blending and applying darker colours to my outer corners and crease.


Fleeky Brows – ‘Don’t be limited to just brows with his baby, use her to create feline cat flicks and smudged out smoke eyes, And don’t forget to brush those brows out with a lash comb for a natural finish’ i don’t really do much with my brows, just darken them up a bit so i use this brush for that but i mainly use it to apply eye shadow under my lower lashes.


Whisp Me Away – ‘Dip your powder brush into loose powder tapping the excess off, then dust all over he face in round motions for an airbrushed finish and makeup that doesn’t budge’ I use this brush for exactly that, also a blogger i follow did a video on how she gets her hair so straight and shiny and she said that she saw on YouTube someone say they apply highlighter to their hair where light usually hits it to give the illusion of very shiny hair and i’ve used it for this.


Chisel Cheeks – ‘My sculpting Contour brush! i find contouring hard i wont lie, but this brush makes it super easy peasy. make sure to tap excess off before applying’ I do actually use this for contour, as that quote says contour isn’t that easy and the a fine line between not being able tell you’ve even contour and just having big thick brown lines on your face but this brush does actually make it easier.


Spot It – ‘A multipurpose concealer buffer brush, which can provide coverage to dark circles and discolouration along with correction to those with redness around the nose’ i use this to apply my base colours more than anything it’s just like firmer and thicker blending brush.


Crease Proof – ‘This brush provides feather like blending for a defined crease. The ultimate finisher in our Unicorn Ultimate kit’ This is perfect for exactly what it says.


Strobe Alert – ‘Who doesn’t love a good fan brush? Highlight that cupids bow, just above your eyebrows, down the centre of your nose and tops of your cheeks for the perfect glow. also great for sweeping away excess setting powder under the delicate under eye area’ I use this brush for sweeping away dust from eye shadow that has come off the brush and gone under my eye, i also use it for a lighter highlight on my cheeks.


Buff up – ‘My flat top foundation brush is perfect for buffing liquid or cream foundation into your skin, it’s not so dense it absorbs all the foundation but still blends everything seamlessly and is ideal for blending along the face and to avoid a strong foundation line’ i use this brush to blend my contour in as the brush that you apply the contour with leaves it looking a bit thick and unnatural.


Bare Faced Brush – ‘i use my blusher brush for a fresh faced rosy glow, the brush isn’t too big that you end up looking like clown cheeks, especially for those with a smaller face like me! dab into the product, tapping the excess off, and use on the apple of cheeks – this shape is quite tapered, so use in a circular motion to create even cheeks’  When i’m going out and want a heavier highlight look i use this brush.


On Cloud Glitter – ‘The tapered but soft bristles of this brush makes it perfect for packing on colour and glitter, along with precise eye shadow application’ I use this brush for exactly what it says and to highlight my nose, brow bone and cupids bow.

Tash xx


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