Everyday Makeup Routine

First i prime my face with some Aloe Vera Gel i got when me and Jamie went on holiday and it’s the best thing i’ve ever bought, i use it for everything.


Then i use 25 Hour Lasting Finish Rimmel Foundation in the colour ‘ivory‘ £7.99 or 2 for £10 at Boots, I’ve recently started using this and it’s fab, it even smells nice. I apply this with a stippling brush from a cheap eBay set.


I’ve said before that i prefer quite a natural and messy brow (mainly because it hurts and i can’t be arsed do them) but to give them a bit of colour i use Technic Electric Beauty Eyebrow Kit £2.50. I use just an angled Avon brush that came in a set and an eye brow brush to comb them through.


To set my foundation i use Natural Collection Loose Powder in the colour ‘Cool Translucent‘ £1.99 my beauty blender to apply it thicker under my eyes then i dust it round the rest of my face with No7 Directional Powder Brush.


For my eyes i used the 4th colour from the right in my Revolution Redemption Palette with a smudge brush then i highlighted the corner of my eyes with Revolution’s Braked Highlighter then blended with my Unicorn Brushes blending brush. I cant do my eyes without a bit of glitter so to finish off the eye shadow i applied Urban Decays Moondust in the colour ‘Moonspoon’ to the inner corners. For Mascara i used Urban Decays Perversion Mascara and then i applied my Eylure 117 Textured lashes.


For my eyeliner i use ‘No7 Amazing Eye Pencil‘ in black, then i use Avon’s True Colour Liquid Eyeliner Pen in black. To Tidy up the line and get rid of any smudges i dip the straight brush’s from my Oval Brush set (that the best friend ever got me for Christmas) in to an Avon foundation compact and blend with the rest of my face.


For a light contour and to give myself some colour i use my Clinique bronzer in the colour ‘Sunkissed‘ i use the small oval one to apply it to my cheeks and the big one blend.


For Highlighter i use Urban Decays Afterglow Highlighter in the colour ‘Sin‘, i apply this to my cheeks with the big Unicorn brush then i use the smaller brush for my nose and my cupids bow.


For my lips i line them with W7’s Lip Twister in the colour ‘Rust‘ with MAC’s Velvet Teddy.

and that’s it. If you’re looking for a new highlight by the way you NEED Afterglow, you can see in the photos below how beautiful it is.


Tash xx


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