My Brush Clean Routine

Being such a tedious job i put off cleaning my makeup brushes for as long as i can. Going to college, having a part time job and being committed to at least 4 different series on Netflix it’s easy to put off, but i do try to clean them every 3 weeks.

To clean my brushes i use:

  • A bowl of warm water
  • An old towel
  • My makeup brush cleaner spray
  • My rubber brush cleaner
  • Baby oil
  • All the brushes i want to clean
  • The cat is optional but it’s always a better experience with a cat trying to eat everything you’re using

I clean my eyeshadow and lip brushes first because they’re the easiest. The brush spray (unbranded) that i got from Beauty Outlet works wonders on the eyeshadow brushes. What you do is spray the brush till it’s soaked then rub it on your towel, i found that dipping it in to the water after and rubbing it back on your towel does a much better job than just the spray alone.

Foundation brushes are the devil in disguise when it comes to cleaning them. Unfortunately the spray and the rubber cleaner doesn’t do the trick but my absolute favourite thing in the world does… baby oil! you need at the most 3 drops, just rub this all through the bristles and the makeup just melts off. If you’re like me and hate cleaning your makeup brushes then i beg you, try baby oil. It will make the job a lot quicker and easier! Plus it leaves your brushes so soft and smelling fresh.

Tash xx


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