Beauty Outlet

Most weeks (if i’m not working) me and one of my oldest and best friends Ashlee have a day where we basically spend money we haven’t usually got. Today we went to Freeport Shopping Centre. For those who aren’t from Stoke, Freeport is basically a small shopping centre full of outlets, this means everything in all the shops has around 30% off the original retailing price.

‘Beauty Outlet’ is the name of one of the stores and it’s a haven for anyone that loves an absolute bargain. I was more than impressed with the staffs customer service, all the girls in the store are some of the friendliest people with the best attitude. They couldn’t give me and Ashlee enough of their time.


I’m ashamed to say today is the first time i’ve ever owned lip liners, they have been one of those things i’ve been saying “i’ll order some” but never got round to it. For £1.99 each i thought treat yo self. The darker colour is called Merlot and the nude colour is called Rust.


This is something me and Ashlee both bought that neither of us have tried before but for£2.99 you might as well give it a go, plus it smells like custard mix so winner.


A brush cleaner is something else i’ve been putting off buying. When we got back Ashlee’s I cleaned some of her makeup brushes with it and it’s fab, they all come up like brand new. This was only £2.99 and teamed with Beauty Outlets own makeup brush cleaning spray (see below) it’s a God send.


Amazing. I had the Unicorn Brushes for Christmas and i’ve been terrified of ruining their beautiful multicoloured bristles but when we used it on her brushes the makeup just melts off. This was £2.99.


I’ve needed setting spray for a while now and this one came highly recommended by the girls in the shop and it has no smell which i’m really pleased with. Again it was only £2.99.

We spent the best part of an hour in the shop and literally had so much fun. When i next get paid i’m keen to return. Next time you’re in Freeport nip in and have a look round. You wont be disappointed!

Tash xx


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