Vinyl Collection

Christmas 2014 i was blessed with the gift i’d been asking for, for a good 2 years. A record player. My Mum and Dad chose a beautiful, shiny, red GPO 4-in-1 player from ‘the music store‘ in Hanley’s Potteries Centre. The turntable is underneath the lift-able top, then on the front there is a CD player, FM Radio, AUX, USB and SD card slots, there’s a lot more stuff i don’t understand as well, it’s pretty good.


That same Christmas i was bought Kings of Leon’s new album at the time, Mechanical Bull. It is a 2 disc record with A, B, C and D sides. If you’ve never really listened to Kings of Leon, just go for it and definitely listen to this album. My personal favourites from the album are, Supersoaker, Temple and Beautiful War. 

Next i had Arctic Monkeys, AM. This one is a single disk with 2 sides. The albums back cover artwork has a very retro feel to it and inside there’s an absolutely gorgeous picture of my 4 favourite boys. The best tracks from this album are I wanna be yours (ear sex), Arabella and One For The Road.

Another Arctic Monkeys gem was next, Suck It And See. This is my favourite Arctic Monkeys album. In my opinion this album is very 70’s and this is one of my favourite eras’s for music. The simplistic artwork is also something i love about this one. Again it’s a one disk album with 2 sides. My favourites are, Love is a Laserquest, Reckless Serenade and Suck it and See.

The Stone Roses. Who doesn’t love at least one Stone Roses song? The second Coming is my favourite out of the 2 Albums they released. The Stone Roses have some of the coolest album artwork ever. Inside is black and white with pictures of all the band members as children and a list of names and what each person did to contribute to the making of the album. Love Spreads, Ten Story Love Song and Begging you are the ones i cant get enough of.

Chasing Yesterday is Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds latest album. Surely there’s a limit to someones level of genius? Well clearly not. Every time he releases an album, a cover or a single, i’m never disappointed. It’s hard for me to choose a favourite from this cos they’re all so good but i’ve gone with Riverman, Ballad Of The Mighty I and The Mexican.

I have two Beatles records, 1 and Sgt. Peppers Lonely Heart Club Band. I don’t feel like i have to justify why i own these. The Beatles are my favourite band of all time and Paul McCartney, John Lennon and George Harrison are in my top ten favourite artists (sorry Ringo you’re special in your own way) Sgt. Pepper has the lyrics to every song on the back of the record sleeve which i love. When I’m Sixty Four, Lovely Rita, Love me do and obviously Hey Jude.


Amy Winehouse, Back To Black. Anyone that knows me knows what an icon Amy Winehouse is to me. I love everything about the woman and heartbroken is an understatement when she passed away. I remember in primary school i had to write a letter as my homework to a famous person asking if I could write a book about them, i chose Amy Winehouse, wasn’t i a cool 10 year old. I take inspiration from her style and wise words. It’s impossible for me to choose a single favourite song as they all mean different things to me. From Back To Black i would say, Wake Up Alone, Back To Black, Just Friends and You Know I’m No Good. 

My Last Album is Catfish and The Bottlemen, The Balcony. My Brother got me this for Christmas. I think this album is a lot better than their latest album, The Ride. I love the album art work, inside they have put their lyric notes to all the songs except Hourglass. My top 3 are Hourglass, Tyrants and Homesick. 


Lastly is my prize possession. A signed single of Stand By Me by Ben E. King. For our 2 year anniversary Jamie bought me this and the Amy Winehouse record. This is my all time favourite song and it’s timeless. It’s appropriate for any moment, happy or sad.

I have been bought up around two pretty cool older brothers, one is a fan of bands such as The Who and The Jam and the other is a lover of AC/DC and Guns n Roses. My Dad is probably the biggest Elvis fan and loves Madness more than most (still trying to pinch his Madness singles and his limited edition pink Elvis vinyl). My Mum loved Bowie and Blondie. So i just have a mixture of all fabulous music tastes.

Tash xx


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