Makeup Revolution 2016 Advent Calendar Review

Every year i’ve bought Jamie a fancy advent calendar but this year it was my turn for a treat. i saw everyone raving about cosmetic advent calender’s last year and honestly i completely forgot they exist but during one of my annual nightly Snapchat binges where i catch up on what Snoop Dogg has been up to i saw Cosmopolitan had done an article on what they think the ‘must have’ cosmetic advent calendars are and Makeup Revolution London was in their top 10. After some research i decided this one was the one for me.

Firstly, Jamie ordered it from a website called Tambeauty, they sell a wide rage of products from 9 different affordable cosmetic brands. They have a guarantee that your order will arrive within a week, and well mine didn’t, they sent me an apologetic note and a free eyeshadow palette, winner. Here’s the link case you want to have a nosey –

In my calendar i had:


6x Lipsticks. Unfortunately the lipsticks don’t have colour names, but the first 2 are extremely similar nude colours, i find that the second colour works best for me purely because i’m not a big fan of light lipsticks on myself. The pink is also a bit too much for me but i have used it to create a very thin line of pink along my black liquid eyeliner and received a lot of complements. The lighter purple i surprisingly really like and the red and darker purple are just gorgeous colours. One bad thing is that they are quite difficult to apply, my mac lipsticks just glide on but these are a quite sticky and hard consistency.

2x Lipglosses. I must admit i haven’t tried these on my lips because i’m just not a lip gloss kind of girl, they tend to make my lips sore, but they are both beautiful colours and very shimmery.

1x Eye Primer. I’ve only used this under my liquid eyeliner so far and i had no smudges and it didn’t do that annoying thing that it sometimes does and just smudges it’s self up my eyelid throughout the day. It has a very creamy feel and leaves your skin silky.


3x Mono Eyeshadows. Absolutely in love with all 3 of these. The first one is called paper luxe, it’s perfect for hightlighting your inner corners. Second we have new tral red, i’m not really a pink lover but i’ve used this several times, i’ve applied it above my crease when doing a smokey eye and as you can imagine it looks beaut. Lastly my favourite, velvet luxe, it’s a stunning plum colour with gold and black glitter. Amazing.

4x Highlighter. The first one was liquid highlighter I have no control over liquid highlighter, it just never does what i want it to do on my face, it’s so pretty and if you have the talents that i lack i would recommend it. One of the main reasons i wanted this calendar is because it contains 3 highlighters. Dreamy is the only word to cover it. Revolution have some of the best and brightest highlighters i have ever tried and i absolutely love all three. Colours are 1) baked highlight 2) bang bang you’re dead 3) hard day.

1x Anti Shine Balm. Very soft, creamy and full of moisture, love it.

1x Bronzer. Personally this isn’t dark enough for me it just blends in with my foundation so i’ve been using it as a base colour for my eyeshadow, it’s so silky.
1x Strobe Cream. Same as the anti shine balm, very creamy and lovely to put on.

3x Mini Limited Edition Brushes. 1) face brush, 2) mini foundation brush 3) mini angled brush I use all these brushes on a daily basis, they are so soft and with them being mini, they’re very easy to apply makeup with in fiddly places such as the lower water line.

1x Makeup Mirror. very useful and a great size, small enough to keep in your bag but not that small you have to spend 10 minuets looking for it in the bottom of your bag.

1x Eyeshadow Palette. you can see for yourself in the photo above how beautiful and shimmery these colours are. they’re silky, lightweight and i’ve had no creasing issues.

Follow my blog’s Instagram – @contourandmore_blog i’ll be doing a couple of makeup looks on there soon using these products.

Ps. shout out to Jamie for letting me use his arm for my swatches. What a babe.

Tash xx


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