First blog post

Right, I’ve never done anything like this before so you’ll have to bear with me. I’m a 20 year old Travel and Tourism student from Stoke-on-Trent (UK). I’m also the owner of two cats, a dog and a boyfriend named Jamie. I’ve been if’ing and are’ing about starting a blog for a long time now, I’ve kept thinking who would read it? what would i write? but sod it what better time to start one than the new year, I’ve started reading a lot of blogs recently and all it’s done is make me want to start my own. Plus when I start to travel I can keep track of all the new places I visit and things I try. In this blog I plan to write about;

  • Beauty – Affordable and high end makeup, also other beauty products such as hair and skin care.
  • Music – I’m a lover of all things vintage so expect a blog based on my growing vinyl collection. If it’s not too pretentious i also want to base a few blogs on reviewing new singles and albums bought out by some of my favourite artists.
  • Lifestyle – I’m constantly trying new diets and making changes to my health so you’ll get to hear all about that.
  • Travel – You can’t read the blog of a travel and tourism student and expect to not hear about all the places i travel to or want to visit.
  • Mental Health – This is a subject very close to my heart and is something i will try to write about in the future.
  • Fashion – As i said before I’m a lover of all things vintage and will be writing about where i get some of my favourite vintage clothing and decor.

I’ll try not to bore you too much.

Tash xx


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