Unicorn Brushes

This Christmas was one of the best I’ve had, it’s on par with when i was like 12 and my mum and dad hid an electric guitar in the kitchen, let me open all my presents then dragged it in the living room to me, you can imagine my excitement. The Unicorn Brushes were the … More Unicorn Brushes

My Tattoos

I’ve always been attracted to tattoos, i’m interested in how they look, all the different styles etc and by how they work. Even when i see really shit ones i love to know the story behind them. From turning 15 or 16 i was itching to get a tattoo and i’m so glad i waited … More My Tattoos

Urban Decay

For Christmas I had the holy grail of Urban Decay in a beautiful purple gift box. My Mum took a trip to the local shopping centre, went in to Debenhams and spent the best part of an hour filling a gift box for me with a very helpful shop assistant that give me loads of … More Urban Decay